DIY KIT: LED My Luxury Villa "Pink Sweetheart"

DIY KIT: LED My Luxury Villa "Pink Sweetheart"

DIY KIT: LED My Luxury Villa "Pink Sweetheart"

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DIY KIT: My Luxury Villa "Pink Sweetheart"

With Music Box

~ A great Valentine gift for who you love~


   FINISH SIZE: 12.6" x 10.6" x 16.5"            HANDCRAFT SKILL :  * ( *Easy**Medium, ***Hard)

A suitable gift for an adult or child whose age is over 14.

*** Pictures show only the  "FINISHED" product, and is for REFERENCE ONLY ***

*** This pack is ideal for beginners and comes with a Chinese instruction manual with step-by-step sketches fornon- Chinese speakers. ( English instruction manual also available upon request)

*** Every item shown in the pictures REQUIRE ASSEMBLY, it includes raw materials, such as wood chips, plastics, fabrics, light bulb, PVC board, any kinds of accessories  and paper, which need to be constructed.

*** You will need to cut, sew, and some handcraft skills to finish each item. It will take a lot of time and patience, but you will enjoy the process and finished product.

*** Please note the glue and paint have been removed from the original box when shipped from China due to the USA post office forbidding any liquid or gel in the package during delivery. Please prepare your own glue and paint when making this item.



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