About Us

Welcome to visit LA mini world, my name is Angela. 

  • When I am a kid, I have a dream to bulit up a house to design my own room, or I can open a coffee shop. But it is quiet expensive to make my dream come true.

  • Then I find those minaiture can fill up my dream when I grow up. 

  • I start to play the 1:12 minaiture but I find it is too big to disiply many dollhouse in a room.

  • Finally, I find those 1:24 and 1: 48 scale are PREFECT SIZE  and you can easy to fins a place to display them.

  • Hopefully, you can find some dollhouse miniature from my store and have fun during the process of complete the DIY kit.

  • Please contact me if you have any questions and I will reply to you in 2 days.