Mini Glass Ball

Mini Glass Ball

DIY KIT : Miniature Dollhouse in Mini Glass Ball Series 


 with 2 ~4  led Lights and voice control power



Mini Glass Ball Series have 9 style available now

B-001 Forest Dream Island

B-002 Romantic Aegean Sea

B-003 My Mini House

B-004 Angel’s  Magic Town

B-005 Alice Dream Castle

B-006 Flying Cabin Destiny

B-007 Wind Fantasy

B-008 Pandora Magic Garden

B-009 Lolita’s Christmas

 The 5” Glass Ball also could be Plant Terrarium Glass or Candle Holder  

 Multiple Function of Glass Ball


DIY KIT: Mini Glass Ball-Mini Aegean sea

DIY KIT: Mini Glass Ball-Mini Aegean sea

Dollhouse miniature DIY KIT – Mini Glass Ball It is an cute and small dollhouse ( 1:48) wit..


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